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Dear Amy,

Hi my name is Johnnie and I wanted to say that I just love your website. It contains so much useful information and excellent topics I just love it. Although I am a male ( sigh and frown ) I am a feminist and I support Women worldwide. I am a gay male, very liberal and green. I do have a question I hope it's OK.

My question is this: I am told that I support Women so much that I have developed Female worship. I admit that is true, I am very subservient to Women. I believe that women are smarter, stronger, and more capable of running the planet than the men. I am ashamed of my gender and although I am a gay male, I do wish I were a women. So having said all that do you think a person like me can support Women too much and have it border on Female worship and if so, So what.....

Please let me know what you think...

Thank you,




Dear Johnnie,

Thanks for your note to Feminist.com, and for your comments on our site. We aim to please.

You certainly shouldn't hate your gender, in fact, we need more examples of "good men" -- the entire gender certainly isn't bad -- it's just that some men, like some women, get too distracted by role playing and spend too little time on their own unique individualness.

Both genders need to able to move beyond their gender constructs and spend more time on what it means to be an individual. This will make it possible for all of us to feel more comfortable with ourselves and less like we have to fit or resist a stereotype.

Good luck,


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