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I am a Junior in high school and would probably consider myself a feminist. But the issue here is, I need to do a research paper on Military discrimination on women during the 1960's women's movement. Any suggestions on where to start? I appreciate your time, thank you.




Dear Leah,

The basic discrimination against women in the military in the 1960s -- as with other decades -- is that they were restricted from certain aspects of the military, such as combat, fighter planes, etc... and wanted access. I don't know what groups specifically took on this battle, except women themselves who were in the military -- like the WASPs of WWII, who eventually fought for and received some recognition.

There are some military groups directed specifically to women and I suggest you try to find some of those -- they are called something like "women in the military." [Editor's note - you might also try Military Woman, and the Women & Military page at Gender Gap]

Good luck,


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