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I think women need information about their rights when
purchasing autos, and dealing with salemen and dealerships. Do we have any protection. We need to fight for protection on this issue.




Dear Jennie,

I actually just received another email from a woman who went car shopping and was totally humiliated by the experience -- so I guess that confirmed your instinct. Interestingly, the consumer protection that we do have in this country, was actually designed, iniatiated and implemented by a feminist -- Esther Peterson -- who unfortunately passed away a few years ago, well into her 90s, but in the 60s she really began the concept of consumer protection and among other things fought for and designed labeling to go onto all food

As far as today is concerned, I don't know of any group that handles these issues in an umbrella sense -- there are certain branches of the better business bureau that are more responsive and feminist than others. Though this doesn't already exist -- perhaps it's something that you want to explore in your own community? It could become a model for others -- and if you do start something, be sure to let feminist.com know.

Good luck,



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