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I am a student studying theology at university and I am preparing an exam question on feminism. The question that I've been asked is can Feminism be religious, and does it go hand in hand. Hope you can help me answer the question.





Dear Emma,

Feminism as a movement certainly has a religious component and yes, many feminists are religious. Given both aspects, I think this gives you a general answer to your question. Historically, I think that feminists had to distance themselves from organized religions, because that was seen as a conflict with their feminism, but over time, feminists have realized that these religions need to be changed from the inside out and that different interpretations exist, therefore, it is in feminism's best interest to create a space for these interpretations to come to the forefront as well as for feminists to take their feminism to their religions, rather than assuming they must leave them.

The Auborn Theological Seminary, which is based in New York City, has more information on this. Also, you might want to reference Catholics for a Free Choice as well as the work of Karen Armstrong.

Good luck



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