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I am writing an essay at university on arguments on Madonna being a feminist pioneer. I visited your site quite by accident and am very interested in the many comments included on the site although I didn't find anything to help me with this question. I would be most grateful for any comments or hints on where to find any information to help with this project.




Dear Lucy,

I'm assuming that we are talking about Madonna the pop star not the Virgin Mary? If yes, then I certainly agree that Madonna is a feminist pioneer. She has always been exactly who she wanted to be and has allowed that to be fluid throughout her life. She has proved that women aren't one thing, but many things. And she has opened up different choices to women. For instance, she proved that being sexual and sexy was powerful rather than being a symbol of giving into society's limited expectations of women. Madonna's example of saying yes to sex and power and to pushing at barriers is a great example for other women, and men.

As for her musical career, that too is inspiring. Even her lyrics are feminist and give proof to women's strengths. She hasn't conformed. Yes, today she is powerful enough that she doesn't have to, but all along she has been true to herself.


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