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I am surprised that the only references on your site to disabled women are in passing or about health. The issues surrounding disabled women in the piece about violence and abuse for example don't even skim the surface of the complications for disabled women who may not be able at all to leave or complain. Learning disabled women often have no rights at all or are considered unable to give real evidence. Can you point me towards anything for disabled women with a kind of feminism which embraces our issues also, such as the complications of right to life and right of disabled people to live and not be forced to become a burden on our poor mothers?
Thanks in advance for your help,



Dear Clair,

If you were specifically referring to the Ask Amy section, I don't really have control over that. I only answer what people ask me--and I can't predict what it will be. So the dearth in Q & As specific to disabled women is a result of disabled women not asking questions and/or anyone not asking questions specific to disabled women. However, the other problem is that site might not be inclusive enough and that is something that we are working on. For instance, we just learned about a group in New York City that is working with disabled women who are in abusive situations. Hopefully, we can find out about other such groups across the country, so we're not just helping our visitors from New York City. If you look through questions previously listed at Ask Amy on the topic of disabled women, I tend to refer them to Educational Equity Concepts and specifically their resource book: Bridging the Gap, A National Directory of Organizations Serving Disabled Women. I'm not sure if this directory is posted at their web site, but I have a copy and would gladly Xerox it and mail it to you if you give me your mailing address. Additionally, prompted by your email I'm going to ask them if we can post the directory at the site.

I hope that helps - and thanks again for visiting feminist.com.

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