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I am currently working on a research assignment about Hillary Clinton and would be really interested in people's opinions about her. For example, do you see her as a role model for women, or do you regard her weak for standing by Bill Clinton even though he has been repeatedly unfaithful?

Thank you for your time.

L. Carr


Dear L. Carr,

Personally, I'm a huge Hillary Clinton fan--always have been. I think that Hillary is an excellent role model to women and men, because she is true to herself, she has her own values and her own sense of her self. People may not always like the choices that Hillary has made, but she has certainly had enough information to make those choices and, therefore, we have to respect her right to make those choices. In this vein she embodies what feminism is about.

As for her winning the Senate, this is something she most likely could have done without Bill, and I'm glad that she now can pursue her political ambitions--ambitions that have been there since she was a college student at Wellesley (and probably before). I think many people don't like Hillary because she shows that people are capable of achieving success and having that success be based on both our personal and our professional lives.


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