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I need your help with a question connected with a very delicate subject—religion. The thing is that my beloved boyfriend (who's my future husband) is crazy about some Indian religious teachings, and I'm really worried about it. He started to act like a fool, talk rubbish, and he says that the feminism is a true evil, and he hates it with all his heart. It makes me upset and disappointed, and we often argue because of his religion and things that he claims with extremely strong assurance. I think that it is all based on Vedas, where the woman is an inferior and is supposed to be a good housewife (stay home all the time and do her household duties, bear children, bring them up, worship her husband and always do what he wants and what he says). It's terrible! I can't cope with this idea and make myself live like the Vedas and my boyfriend want me to live. He doesn't listen to me, and our relationship has become a true nightmare. But I still love him and don't want to lose him. I don't know what to do.

I certainly think you are right to be concerned. I think religion is often a crutch that people use to justify their behavior, and so I would encourage you to delve a bit deeper and see if that is the case—i.e., are there instances where this religion says one thing and he does another? I see this often with Catholics, who use their Catholicism to explain why they don't support abortion, but then certainly indulge in pre-marital sex, which the Vatican also condemns. So, I think, make him be clear if they are his beliefs or actual religious beliefs. Also, I don't know about this specific religion, but most others struggle because there is the interpretation of the religion and then there is the religion itself—and the latter is often more lenient than the former. I hope that helps. And mostly, please take care of yourself.




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