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To Whom it May Concern,

My name is Jennifer Bier. I am the social worker the Air Force attempted to arrest for failing to turn over the private therapy records of a sexual assault victim.

Throughout my case I learned much about the military justice system. I was outraged, not only because they were reaching into the civilian sector and attempting to force me to violate the privacy rights of my client, but because I learned that victims have very little rights under the current military justice system.

I have written a book titled Breaking the Chain of Command: One Victim’s Battle to Reform the Military Justice System. I am writing to ask if someone from your staff would be willing to review my book upon its publication. I would welcome any discussion you would like to have with me concerning my book or my request for it to be reviewed. Thank you for your time and attention in this matter and moreover, thank you for all that you do for women.


Jennifer Bier, LCSW


Thank you for introducing us to your work and congratulations. We don't really do book reviews, but by posting your note on the Ask Amy site hopefully others can come into contact with your work. Also, have you sent it to Ms. Magazine, Women's E-news, and other places that have book reviews?

Good luck getting it out there,

- Amy