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Hello Feminist.com,

My name is Archie, I am a 21 year-old male at the University in Scotland. I decided for my 4th year dissertation that I would like to discover something new to me, which is globally relevant and also informative, and decided that a topic surrounding feminism could be an interesting choice. I have found myself enjoying lectures on gender and society over the last few years and well I thought feminist.com would be a great place to start my education.

I am looking for a specific question to discuss in my dissertation, and was wondering if there were any particular areas of discussion which you could recommend to me as suitable dissertation material. I am ready to undertake some serious reading and have already started on women's history as a background 'filler' if you like. Are there any main arguments, which perhaps you would recommend? Or even a few key figureheads which I could study, as I do not want to head down any blind alleyways due to my inexperience.

I was looking into post feminism and thought such a debate would be intriguing. Any advice would be much appreciated. I will keep you updated on my progress and will send my final submission to you if you would like, it will be a substantial piece of around 10-15000 words. I appreciate that this may be overstepping a line in asking so much, but I felt if those with real interest cannot help, who can?

Many thanks for your time,



My main concern in answering your question is that I am based in the US and therefore anything I would suggest, I think would be too dependent upon this country, rather than yours.

A few ideas that I am intrigued by, however, are pro-woman v. feminist woman. There is a real divide in our culture and confusion, since feminism isn't about unconditionally supporting any woman, what actually distinguishes something as feminist. This is especially crucial given the very 'pro-woman" yet anti-feminist culture we live in.

Another issue is how feminist organizations don't practice what they preach and why they think they can advocate for something and not implement that into their own policies.

Good luck

- Amy