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I am a 23 yr. old male and feminist. Recently, I have been told that I am a hypocrite for fighting for feminism on campus. I "check out" women and I date a lot of different women.

Because I am a typical male in many ways, I am being accused of being a hypocrite. What I tell people is that I am a male and will never be a woman no matter how much they want me to be. I don't disrespect women when I date and I don't have sex with many of the women I date. I am always honest with the girls I date and they understand my point of view. If I am a hypocrite for dating, I don't see how any male can be a feminist while searching for love.

Although I am changing my "typical male" patterns, albeit not my dating patterns, I believe I am becoming a better person and a better feminist.

So, do you think a typical male be a feminist?


I do think that you can be a typical male and be a feminist, in the same way that you can be a typical female and be a feminist (i.e. pink, love dating boys, etc...).

It's how we act and treat people, proclivities aside. My boyfriend is absolutely a typical male -- calls girls chicks, obsesses about basketball, etc... but he at the core is a feminist.

I hope that helps.

- Amy

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