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Why are women and their bodies used as sex symbols in media, sex jobs, etc? I doing a research project for my Sexual Ethics class in college and am having a hard time finding the 'why' of things. Like:

Why are most prostitutes women or dressed like women? Why are women's bodies used to evoke passion in people? Why do women have so much more power sexually than men? Thanks,



Amanda -

There really isn't a specific answer to your question.

The general answer is that society devalues women and thus allows them to be treated that way. One answer is that women are used to finding value through their beauty and sexuality and thus have come to use that to gain some power. I think that some women in the sex industry say they choose it -- but most feel like they didn't really have any other choice.

We can't blame the women, but the industry and what is going to change this scenario is to finally single out those who indulge on this and examine why they make those choices, instead of always looking to "help" the women -- good luck.

- Amy

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