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I am a 15-year-old girl and I would like to share my opinion about the shows that are on television and some of the new movies. I am offended by what has been on TV. I think TV shows nowadays are strictly for guys and girls that don't mind looking at half naked girls. My reason for saying this is that every time I go to watch something on TV I either see a commercial for a show or movie or I see a TV show that is flaunting girls with big chests and thin stomachs. It seems to me that almost everything I have seen on TV has been showing off women in their underwear; it seems that people are trying to bring back the 70's where the only thing that mattered was sex and drugs. All the things on TV have had to do with sex. I know of many shows that support my opinion. I don't have a problem with the shows that talk about sex or movies that have a sex scene in them, it's the movies and shows that were created to flaunt sex and they have no story line. The shows and movies that I am talking about are: Ally McBeal, Married with children, That 70's Show, Unhappily Ever After, some episodes of Jenny Jones, American Pie, Austin Powers, "Dick", Drop Dead Gorgeous, and some others that I haven't listed.

I'll tell you about what I've seen on TV just to give you a few examples. Last night my dad was watching Ally McBeal and I've seen the commercials for the episode that was on. The commercial had a blonde girl standing in front of a guy and she was wearing a bra and her underwear. The part of the show I saw there was a guy talking to a girl about them having sex and the girl was talking about how she liked foreplay and she was sucking on the guy's finger. I saw commercials for That 70's show and the episode was supposed to be about someone's parents were going to be away for a weekend. From what I saw the kids were all going to be sleeping together. About Jenny Jones I watch her show so I'm really not in a position to bash the show but there are episodes where there's girls running around the screen in bikinis or shirts that show off their chests. Jenny Jones does have guys on her shows that are half-naked but I want to see them as much as I want to see the half-naked girls.

I think I've seen plenty of commercials to explain some of American Pie. From what I've seen this movie has no story line all it seems to be is girls taking their clothes off, guys watching porno movies, and sex. As I can remember in one of the commercials and on the radio I did hear them say it was the biggest "sex comedy of the year." Now I can't really judge the movie that much because I haven't seen it I'm just going by the commercials they put on TV. Out of all these shows I have only watched Ally McBeal, Unhappily ever after, Married with Children, Jenny Jones, and that 70's show. I thank you for taking time to read my letter. With everything I've said I would also like to add that when I watch something on TV and they're talking about young girls getting pregnant it makes me think back to how the shows that are put on TV encourage teens to have sex. Especially with the new shows that are to be aired this fall. I thank you again for reading this and I hope to hear from you soon. - Kati, Sacramento

Thanks for your note to Feminist.com--and for sharing your concerns about TV Today with me. Unfortunately, I don't watch enough TV to be able to add much of my own opinion to your concerns. However, I believe everything that you have said--and based on conversations with and feedback from other people--I know that you are not alone in feeling cheated by TV viewing experiences.

I think that it is certainly important to voice you concerns about TV--and mostly, I think that you should voice these concerns directly to the networks that are airing them. Taking it one step further, you should even complain to the advertisers who buy advertising time during those shows. They certainly have weight with the actual networks.

Besides complaining about what currently exists, you should also make suggestions about what you want to see. Something else you might want to do is to visit Girls, Inc.-- they have a "Girls Re-Cast TV Action Kit". We also have an article about this called Girls Talk TV here at the site.

I hope this gives you incentive to spread your complaints far and wide. Certainly, your opinions will resonate with many others.


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