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My name is Julie I'm currently a student and am looking for assistance if possible. I will be writing several papers on women and pornography and was happily surprised to find your Internet site. I would like to mention that I believe I share similar beliefs to this site and up to this point really haven't anyone to share this with. I really am interested in hearing back from you, whether or not you could help me. Would you also please be able to inform me of some ways that I could become more active in making a difference? Thank You, Jewels

Thanks for your note. Since it sounds like you have spent some time looking around FEMINIST.COM, I imagine that you are aware of some of the resources on pornography already listed. For instance, Diana Russell's books as well as the organizations listed in her indexes. Diana is a professor at the University of California Berkeley, so you also might want to contact her directly about more recent recourses. Also, there is Gloria Steinem's article "Erotica v. Pornography", which can be found in her book Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions. Catherine MacKinnon and Andrea Dworkin also have a book titled In Harm's Way, which talks about Minnesota's ordinance against pornography that has proven to be harmful. These resources should help you with your papers. And in terms of getting more involved on the issue, I think that Diana Russell is the best source, since she keeps up on every new development.

A related new development is sex trafficking--and sex tourism. Equality NOW is a great resource on that upcoming legislation.


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