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I'm taking a class about Women in the Media and how women are portrayed in the media. I'm going to do a report on The New Right. They were religious leaders who were antifeminists. Do you have information on it. Does it still exist? We are aware that some of these tv preachers are antifeminists. Have you ever heard of Connie Marshner and another gal whose last name is La Haye? They were advocates of The New Right. I would appreciate any help you can offer.

To learn more about the New Rights, it's emergence in American politics, etc.. you should see Jean Hardisty's book, which is a documentation of this movement--including lots of information on Beverly La Haye and her group Concerned Women for America. (I have heard of Connie Marshner.) Also, Susan Faludi's book Backlash has a chapter on these women--mostly La Haye and Phyllis Shafley, whose organization the Eagle Forum successfully defeated the Equal Rights Amendment as well as other pro-woman legislation. Also, there have been several articles in the past two years about the new crop of young conservative women--in Bazaar, in Vanity Fair, in The Nation. Try those articles for more. I hope that helps.

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