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I just finished reading the Ms. interview with Gloria Steinem and it is somewhat along the lines of a research paper I am thinking of writing. I would like to write about the media's portrayal of women as homemakers vs. working women. Additionally, I would like to discuss whether or not the media has influenced these roles one way or another. Do you have any material, suggestions or comments about that topic? Thank you in advance for any help you can provide. Maryann

Thanks for your note to Feminist.com--and I wish that your request came in a year from now, because I know someone who is writing a book on this very topic. I will forward your note to her in the hopes that she can provide you with more appropriate information.

In the meantime....For starters, you might want to contact both Working Woman and Working Mother Magazine --the titles in and of themselves are problematic and get to the heart of your topic. Also Arlie Hochchild has written extensively about women's roles in the household and in the workplace. As for media portrayal you might want to contact Pacific Media Watch. Good luck - and hopefully my friend will be in touch.


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