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I am completely disgusted by the Carl's Jr. Ad campaign. Their first ad showed a woman eating their burger and dripping catsup on her blouse (of course it was on her breast ) while a bunch of guys drooled. I thought that was bad. Then I saw their latest ad. It shows a scumbag guy with a broken down truck by the side of the road. A babe in a sports car pulls up and bites her lip and pulls up her skirt while the guy drips catsup on her car and the announcer says "if you can find something Hotter and Juicier than a Carl's Jr. Go For It." Is it my imagination or is this profoundly sexual? I wrote Carl's Jr. 2 weeks ago and got the usual platitude back. I wrote them tonight after seeing the commercial twice and told them I would try to find a Feminist group on the net to try to get as many people angry about this as possible. Did I find the right place?

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM. In part you have found the right place to voice your concerns. As you will see from past "Ask Amy's" the representation of women in the media is an often-addressed issue. There are a couple of forums for you to pursue this--one, in every issue, Ms. Magazine has a section called "No Comment" where they reprint "sexist" ads; two, you should definitely write to the advertiser voicing your concerns--apparently every letter an advertiser receives represents 10,000 potential clients/constituents; three, contact organizations that are working specifically with the media/advertising--such as mediawatch.org. I hope these suggestions help--good luck and thanks for taking the initiative to end this inaccuracy.


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