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I have been browsing around for a while now---great job. I am particularly interested in feminist media activists and /or any group that pays attention to representations of women in the popular media. I am a peer education coordinator and am trying to gather resources to provide the young women who will be educating a way to encourage those that see them to take a stand against the many unhealthy and unrealistic representations of women. - Andrea

Thank you for caring enough to give young women the real facts about women in the media.

There is a media watchdog group FAIR - Fairness and Accuracy in Media Reporting. They have a women's desk - which is run by a wonderful women named Laura Flanders. They are based in NYC at 212-343-2353.

Also, there is a group called Women In The Media - but this is more for professional women working in the media.

Then there was something called Culture Babes which was started by author Naomi Wolf and others, but I don't think it exists any longer.

You should check out an article by Gloria Steinem - "Sex, Lies and Advertising" - it is in her book Moving Beyond Words. It is a great look at how advertisers limit/censor editorial content - especially with Ms. Magazine.


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