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Hello, how are you guys doing? I am G'bum (pretty unusual name, isn't it?), an international student in New Zealand. I am doing my thesis this semester regarding "propaganda" and "exploitation of women in TV commercials". I'm just wondering if any of you guys could respond with the subject of my thesis that would be great. I don't need anything in particular, your opinion will be enough, though. One more thing, what images do you guys find most degrading to women? Your collaboration is greatly appreciated!

I think the best resource may be FAIR - Fair and Accuracy in Reporting (# in NYC - 212-343-2353). They have a women's desk and may have just the information you need. Also Gloria Steinem wrote an article - Sex, Lies and Advertising, which talks about how advertisers control editorial content of magazines. You can find the article in an old issue of Ms. Magazine - July/August 1990 or in her book Moving Beyond Words, Simon & Schuster, 1994.

P.S. Ms. Magazine currently has a section - "No Comment" where they reprint degrading ads. You should check it out.


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