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Greetings! What a great website. I am trying to find out about subscribing to magazines for young latina/chicana teens that are empowering and feminist. Can anyone help me? Thanks very much. -Katharine

There is just the magazine you are looking for--Latina. It is fairly new and is published by the same people who publish Essence Magazine. Their number is (212) 642-0600. I have also seen another magazine targated toward latino youth--I think the title is Urban Magazine. I hope that Latina can help put you in touch with them, but if not, let me know and I can track them down.

HUES Magazine is a great magazine by and for young women. It is not targeted solely toward "young latina/chicana teens," however one of its founders is latina and several articles I have seen speak directly to young latinas.

There is also a magazine for 'girls and their dreams'-- New Moon. While it claims to be for "all girls" what I have seen is primarily about white girls, but it might be worth checking out--and encouraging it to be truely for "all girls."

Good luck and I hope the above is what you were looking for.


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