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I am carrying on a campaign against Macy's Dept. Store and have been since November of 1996. I find their lingerie ads in my local paper, the San Jose Mercury News very, very offensive. I am sure other women feel the same way. The scantily clad women in seductive, submissive poses constitute sexual harassment. For the 24 pictures displayed since January 1, 1997, 2 have been men advertising underwear. All the rest were women.

I would like to take the campaign two notches higher by either creating a boycott, filing a lawsuit against them, or waging a huge letter writing, editorial campaign to make them aware of the damage they are doing and change their lingerie ad policy. Please give me your ideas and suggestions. - Donna

Thank you for your note and for organizing on behalf of all women. Have you seen Ms. Magazine? The last page is a section called "No Comment" and is full of offensive and degrading ads--these ads probably make Macy's look innocent.

As for boycotts--I would contact National Boycott News based in Seattle, Washington (6506 28th Avenue, NE, Seattle, WA 98115). They have information on how to organize boycotts and what boycotts are going on. Good luck---and thanks for ensuring that we have realistic expectations.


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