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I was very disturbed by a tasteless commercial on CBS prior to the news the other evening. The commercial was for RAID and depicted a situation where a woman was mopping a kitchen floor and you hear a man's voice speaking to her in a threatening manner. The woman looks bruised and scared. At the end of the commercial she turns to confront the man and they show a cartooned roach swearing he'll change, she then sprays the roach with RAID. Now S.C. Johnson may have not intended this to be offensive, however it is incredibly insensitive and tactless. This message is being put on every available address regarding domestic violence on the net and letters written directly to S. C. Johnson by both individuals and associations including N. O. W. WPEC in West Palm is the affiliate station here and are being written to as well as they do not have an E-Mail yet. I would hope that your public relations department will look into this commerical and take it off your station.

I am a survivor of Domestic violence and have not been near my abuser for over 16 years. Watching that commercial caused the same physical response I had when my husband walked through the door at night. I can't imagine what it does to women who are not as far away from it or are still in those horrible circumstances. Please, please look into this and get it off the air! Thank You, Tracy

Thanks for your note and for speaking up against the advertisement. You should definitely send letters to RAID--as companies assume that every letter they receive is representative of 10,000 potential customers. So speaking up is essential, especially when it comes to advertisers.

Also make sure that you send your note to The Family Violence Prevention Fund and to the Washington Feminist Faxnet. Good luck.


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