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Recently I visited a web site that featured for its motto a young woman dressed fairly decently, but in a somewhat short skirt yelling "Hey (brand name) man!" I feel I am a rational person (I am an electrical engineering major, philosophy minor at Rutgers University), but I was very offended by this logo and motto. I really have something against logos like this, and I think they are sexist, despite what my male friends have said: "They are only trying to reach the target audience, you are reading too much into it!!". I wonder if I really am unjustified, otherwise, I am thinking of making a web page dedicated to exposing sexist advertising.. What do you think on this issue? Thanks for your opinion, Michelle

Thanks for your note and I want to assure you that you are not "unjustified" in your feelings. Many people feel exactly the same way that you do and have chosen to express this in many different ways. The best example I can give you is Ms. Magazine, which no longer accepts advertising for this reason. Additionally, they now have a section called "No Comment," which features similiarly offensive advertisements. I suggest that you check out past issues of Ms. for more examples. Not that anyone should have to subject themselves to this, but so you can assure your friends that this isn't a limited example. Good luck and thanks for sharing.

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