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Hello- I am doing a research paper on how animated cartoons and movies portray women. If you know of any characters or cartoons with offensive or non-offensive subjects pertaining to women, I would love the info. (If you need examples of what I am looking for, Betty Boop will be a big part of the paper, being that she was created to be a peep show for sailors.) I would appreciate anything. Thanks a bunch, Martin

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM. I'm not an animation buff, so I don't have many resources in this area. I do, however, have a good friend who has waged her own semi-silent campaign against Disney, etc... She herself is a cartoonist and therefore, knows that it is possible to have accurate representations of women and women's lives. You should access a piece she did for Ms. Magazine on the Lion King and it's negative and limited portrayal and anyone not white. I think it was the Spring of 1994 and her name is Anastasia Higginbotham. This piece was suppose to be part of a book--that was to be all about Disney's characterization. Unfortunately, according to Anastasia, it's been put on hold. Sorry this is all I have to offer. Good luck!

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