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I am doing a paper for school about role model responsibilities of famous people, focusing mainly on Britney Spears and Madonna. I was pointed towards looking at feminist web sites but I am still having a hard time. I was wondering if you knew of anywhere I could find things to support women should be able to use their sexuality as performers. It would be much appreciated.

Much thanks,




Dear Carolyn,

I can't tell you how often I talk about Britney Spears and Madonna -- and what feminists think of them. In general, I think that they teach us a valuable lesson -- which is that women can be sexy, which doesn't mean that they are sexual (as is the case with Britney promoting her virginity) and that we can own our sexuality for ourselves, not for others. Also, I think it's interesting that most feminists are concerned about men exploiting these women, but women are their biggest fans, which only confirms to me that women are much more concerned about being sexual for ourselves and other women than we are for men. I hope my two cents helps.

- Amy


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