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Hi Amy,

Like so many other women out there I have a issue with the way women are portrayed in the media because I have a daughter and I'm so scared for her. This problem has made the world a terrible place for women to live in; its hard to just walk down the street without a encounter with some pig.

Anyway, its really not fair to portray so much sex on TV, not only is it offensive but I don't want my child growing up thinking she has to look like that to be happy. I wish there was something we could do because its not fair. At least have more male sex objects on TV if they're gonna do so much female exploitation.

My question is really is what can we do about this? We gotta make this change for the future...




Dear Talia,

You certainly aren't alone in your concern about women and the media. As you might have guessed it is one of the most common questions I receive. Sadly there isn't much we can do -- refuse to buy it, speak up about it, pose counter examples, etc... I think, personally, that it's hard to blame the media, since walking down the street presents the same scenario. It's hard to tell where the media ends and individual choice begins.

Perhaps you want to try connecting with the Girls, Women, + Media Project.

Good luck,

- Amy


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