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Dear Amy,

I am a Sociology and Media student living in Israel. I was extremely shocked when I saw a poster advertising a club here in Jerusalem that looked as if it was copied from Playboy. Philips is one of the ad's sponsors and I would like to ask what I can do in order to protest against this. I feel very much alone in this fight I would thank you for any help you may offer.

Thank you for your cooperation,




Dear Elana,

Thanks for calling these advertisers on their sexist advertising. There are a couple of things you can do:

1.) Write to the advertiser telling them how offensive you thought their ad was, plus tell them that you won't buy their products until they have less offensive ads.

2.) Write to the place featuring the ad, telling them that you won't subject such a venue that promotes advertisers such as the ones you saw.

3.) Send a copy of the ad to Ms. Magazine for their "No Comment" Section. This is a section is the back of the magazine that features sexist/anti-woman advertising and encourages their readers to express their concern to these advertisers. Ms. Magazine, 20 Exchange Place, 22nd Floor, New York, New York 10005, USA. Attention: No Comment.

4.) Visit about-face.org---which serves much the same purpose as Ms.' "No Comment" section.

I hope that helps and thanks for speaking up.



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