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I am an art student at Ferris State University and I am working on a project right now. I'm in the process of making a mask displaying the unfair ideal placed on women. In my mask I want to contrast the "ideal" view of what a woman should look like (supermodels, actresses, etc.) and the view of what a woman is actually like. To do this, I am making a collage of model's and actress's faces on a flat surface on the front of the mask. The flat surface symbolizes the shallowness and flat personality of this type of image. On the back will be a face in depth, with a collage of "real" women's faces. This is where I have a problem. I've been looking for pictures of women in magazines and on the Internet that look like real women. I don't want pictures with makeup and fancy hairstyles, I just want portraits of natural women. Can you help me out here? I can't find very many pictures of REAL women. If you could send me anything, I would greatly appreciate it. Or if you have the name of another web site where I might find some pictures to suit my needs that would be wonderful.
Thanks for any help you can give,


Dear Eren,
Your project/mask sounds great. Hopefully it will have the impact you are looking for, as the description alone was great. To find pictures of real women -- how about your friends and ask friends for pictures of their families and friends. Also, organizations -- like the Ford Foundation, the Ms. Foundation for Women -- have annual reports that include pictures of their grantees, which are real people. That's another suggestion. And People Magazine -- and to some extent Teen People and Seventeen -- have real stories mixed in with the celebrities.
I hope this helps,

-- Amy

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