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Hi Amy.

There is a web page on the Internet that takes women's pictures and post them on their page with rude and obscene comments on them.

I am from Somalia and the web page is a Somali one that takes pictures of Somali girls and depicts them in a negative light. Does the fact that the page is sometimes in a different language mean that the administrator can get away with it? Is there a way for the page to be disabled or is there a web page that takes care of these things?


Websites have certainly been successfully shut down in the past, but jurisdiction is a problem. You have to find out who hosts this site and then contact authorities in that particular country. Since every country has different obscenity laws it's impossible to say conclusively. Also, I think that you would have to prove what the violation was--did these women give consent, etc....

Good luck -- and certainly pursue it, you might be able to accomplish quite a bit.

- Amy

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