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I have noticed that there are a lot of movies with female nudity in them. I have also noticed that men don't undress as much as women do. Do you think that this is fair? I don't think it is fair!

Also, do women have the choice to refuse the nude scene in a film that has nudity?

Thank you,



Leanne --

I certainly don't this is a new trend. There has forever been a double standard when it comes to nudity in films. Some of the problem is that audiences (male and female) certainly take more pleasure in seeing the female body naked, but another part of the problem is that this can be asked of women and not of men.

Yes, women can certainly create their own policy around nudity -- but the assumption is that it will hurt their career. So women cave in the name of their career and the same is never asked of men. The way to stop women from doing this is for audiences to react -- and to say that you don't like it. You can send a letter to the movie houses letting them know that.

Thanks for reaching out,

- Amy

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