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I'm on the committee of a Philosophy Society in my university, and am organizing a feminism-themed week. We'll have a discussion group and hopefully some speakers, but the plan is also to show a film. Are there any films you would recommend, either about feminism or addressing feminism-related issues? Thanks in advance!


There are a few films that I would recommend or a few different routes — one, I would try the Hollywood route — a film such as Lovely and Amazing, which is all about body image; Fight Club, which is all about masculinity; or Knocked Up — and then perhaps analyze these from a feminist perspective. Another option is documentaries that are explicitly feminist — there is I Was a Teenage Feminist, which I haven't seen and also some big time ones for Lifetime and the Ken Burns documentary about the suffragist struggle. Then another route is documentaries that are less explicitly feminist — for instance, check out chickeneggpics.org — they will give you some ideas. I hope that helps.

— Amy