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I'm a student studying for my A-levels, for media studies we are currently finishing some critical research. I have decided to use a basis on women and film, and my question is about whether the character of Bridget Jones conforms to the feminist position of how women should be represented?

To help, I was wondering what you feel the feminist position of how women should be represented is? and in your opinions does Bridget Jones conform to that character? I would be really grateful if you could help especially as my exam is Friday...

Thank You for your time.



Beth --

I wouldn't say that Bridget Jones is the feminist ideal, but I would certainly say that she -- and more importantly her concerns, fears, frustrations -- accurately reflect those of some feminists.

She is a vulnerable character, yet knows that she should be more confident. That's a pretty honest assessment of many women.

I hope that helps -- good luck.

- Amy

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