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In my Public Speaking Class, we are having a debate on whether or not beauty pageants are detrimental to the progress of feminism. I have to prove that beauty pageants are not detrimental to the progress of feminism. What do you think, Amy? Please Help!




Dear Alea -

Last years Miss Virginia was a women's studies major from Harvard (Nancy Amanda Redd) and she did lots of defending of these pageants. I think that it isn't detrimental to feminism as long as we can redefine beauty -- that it includes both within and without. I think that the pageants have done that over the past few years.

Also this particular woman is African American and I think that her candidacy also challenged traditional notions of beauty on race alone -- it use to be only whites with blond hair and blues eyes are considered. By expanding our definition of beauty in this public way -- we can open up "bauty" to more people.

I hope that helps.

- Amy

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