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I'm an Australian student and currently undertaking a major work on the topic "Do superheroines in the media such as Charlie's Angels, Buffy, Catwoman etc. portray feminism to young females, or do they just illustrate the stereotypical image of the female sex symbol?" It goes something along those lines.

Furthermore, I was just wondering if you would know any good books, articles, or any sophisticated secondary material about this topic (hopefully something that specifies Charlie's Angels etc.) that I can use to base my study on. Or simply anything that you think would be closely related.

Thank you!


As a Charlie's Angels fan, I can say that I think that these images do far more to encourage girls to be powerful and strong than to be supermodels.

I think that the positive influences far outweigh the negative. For instance, I think that girls not only learn more about what they can do and be, but about how girls can help each other and in fact need each other in life. I can't think of anything that takes all of this on -- but Bitch and Ms. Magazines have done articles on Buffy and those might help. Jenn Pozner has also written on this topic -- not exactly in line with my thinking though.

Good luck -- and I hope that helps.

- Amy

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