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Hi, I am only 15 and recently I read an article in Teen magazine about the Taliban Militia, it really touched me. I never knew stuff like that happened in like a whole country! I think that if more people knew then maybe something could be done! It's so sad what these women and girls have to go through!! This are some of the rules that were in the article...

"~Women and girls over 12 years of age have to wear the barqa and are forbidden to go to school, work outside the home or leave the home without a male relative.
~White socks, music, fashion magazines, playing drums, cameras, photographs and video cassettes are not allowed.
~Homes where women live must have their windows painted opaque to hide the women from view.
~Women who disobey any of the rules of dress or behavior can be beaten in the street and imprisioned."

This is just horrible!!! Is there anything I can do? I am not sure what to do, but there is this big piece of me that just wants to go rescue all of them! I know that's not possible, but I would appreciate it if you could e-mail me back with a suggestion or write something up about it or something because this is just not right!!! Thanks for your time!! - Kiley

Thanks for your note and for your concern about the women and girls in Afghanistan who are being treated unfairly by the Taliban. FEMINIST.COM, specifically, and feminists in general, have been working 1.) to get the word out about what is happening and 2.) to end the current oppressive situation. Specifically, the Fund for the Feminist Majority has been getting the message out via the press and working to send solidarity to the women in Afghanistan.

Also, the U.S. Department of State c/o their Women's offices has been working on this issue (see their fact sheet). They have, in fact, met with the Taliban a few times, in an attempt to encourage them to ease up on their restrictions. I suggest that you contact both of these places to learn more about how you can get involved. I hope those suggestions help you to help others. I know that many people will be most appreciative of your efforts. Good luck.



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