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Hi. My name is Shade and I live in Sweden. Right now I am writing a paper in sociology on immigrant women and the class issue. I need some information on immigrant women who had a middle class status in their home country and were given working class status jobs in the current country. I am going to write about these women's life histories. I wonder if you have any articles on this and if you can in any way help me find some information about this subject. Thank you! Sincerly, Shade

Thanks for your note. The most obvious example I can think of about middle class women who immigrated and become working class--are the women (and men) who emigrated to other countries before, during, after the Holocaust. These people--in most instances--gave up everything in order to be saved and came to other countries with nothing. Similarly with Cuba in the late early 60s when Castro came to power and all of the wealthy land owners fled with little-to-nothing. Today, there are many women who don't want to be genitally mutilated and in order to avoid this fate must flee their own countries. Of course, in some instances, they are middle class women who also have to give up everything. It seems that there are tons of examples tucked into these overarching examples. Good luck.

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