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We are a group of student at ABB Industrial College. At the moment we are doing a report about Fredrika Bremer. We would like to know what you know about her. Have you ever been in contact with anything she has written? It would be most interesting to see what you know about this Swedish feminist that lived 1801-65. Thanks for your quick reply, P Larsson

Per your note, though I hadn't previosly heard of Fredrika Bremer, I found the following about her:

"Swedish novelist born near Abo in Finland, and brought up near Stockholm. She is credited with the introduction of the realistic family novel into Swedish literature. Her novels include FAmiljen H (The Family H, 1831) Grannarna (The Neighbors, 1837), and Hemmet (The Home, 1839). Later she devoted herself to teh education and emancipation of women, which informed her novels like Hertha (1856) and Fader och dotter (Father and Daughters, 1858). An inveterate traveller, journeys to Italy, Britain, Greece, Palestine and the USA supplied the material fortwo travel books, on the Old World and the New."

This comes from the Cambridge Biographical Dictionary. I hope that helps with your research--I learned something new!


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