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Dear Amy, I think your site is wonderful. I feel proud to be a woman when I visit the site, since usually girls tear each other down, but this proves that we can help each other and overcome problems all over the world by communicating and informing like we do here. I would really really really appreciate it if you could direct me to some sites where I could find information on female brutality in Indonesia, Africa and North America. I'm doing a comparison for my world issues independent study. It would mean so much. Thank you, Michelle

Thanks for your note to Feminist.com and for all of the nice things that you said about our site. It's rare that we get to stop and reflect on how positive this site is for so many people--and notes like yours encourage me to do that. So thank you!

To learn more about female brutality in Indonesia, Africa and North America, I have a couple of suggestions. First one of the issues on the Platform for Action, which came out of the Beijing Conference for Women in 1995 was a Platform on violence and women in armed conflict. This was put on the document because it is an issue or these issues affect women around the world. So I suggest looking at that document as a start. You can access it through WEDO--Women's Environment and Development Organization.

Also looking at the issue of brutality, there is a great book called Exterminate All the Brutes. Another approach is to look at each country--some of this is possible via the Beijing Platform, which breaks it down by issue and by country, but also through agencies working in each of these countries. Robin Morgan's anthology--Sisterhood Is Global looks at women country by country and gives a summary. There are entries on each of these countries (Africa is broken down my country, not listed as a continent).

Also Equality Now works in most of these countries and probably has information, too. I hope that helps--and thanks again for all of the sweet things you said about our site. As much as we give you confidence, it's notes like yours that give us confidence - thanks.


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