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I am troubled about the woman in Afghanistan. They are troubled because of the goverment over there. Now I am aggravated about what the goverment is doing about it. If you didn't know I will tell you what they are doing: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. President Clinton is all worked up in other things that he's not thinking of the little things. I'm only 13 yrs. old but I care a lot about this subject. I know that my eighth grade teacher taught me that the "Little Things are What Count the Most." My point about this letter is that the goverment should get more involved in this subject and President Clinton doesn't seem like he cares because in one of the press conferences he kept making jokes and this is not a laughing matter. He wouldn't be laughing if this was going on over here and his daughter, Chelsea and wife, Hillary had to do that then I think he would be crying. Thank You for your time and if you agree than take it up with the President . I would be happy to help you with any further questions and if it were possible I would like to know further information about this subject. Sincerely, Erica

Thanks so much for your note--and for acting on your anger. It's certainly a healthy thing to do. I think that you raised a really good point, which is that if Hillary and Chelsea Clinton were being treated the way the women are in Afghanistan, President Clinton would do something. This is actually the way that many people come to activism. They, unfortunately, wait until it reaches too close to home before they do anything. The problem with this is that sometimes it's too late.

One of the obstacles I always face in my work as an activist is how can we mobilize people to create social justice before they first experience injustice? The answer, in part, is that in reality most people have experienced one injustice or another so we just need to make people realize this. The problem, however, is that some of these people are in denial about their circumstancew, and some are too unmotivated to do anything about it.

Anyway, I admire that you want to help the women and children in Afganistan. Besides continuing to put pressure on President Clinton, which clearly needs to be done, you should put pressure on Madeleine Albright. She is very sympathetic to the situation and at least proclaims to want to change it. I believe her--and I think she needs to know that others do, too. Also, the United Nations should help. To stay on top of what is happening and what you can do, I suggest you contact the Feminist Majority Foundation, they are working very closely on this issue and, therefore, will be able to help put you in touch with different actions and information.

I hope that helps. Good luck -- and thanks for giving me another way to look at this situation.


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