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I am a graduate student at the University of Pittsburgh. I am beginning a project on the status of women's education levels as opposed to that of men in Venezuela. I am trying to find organizations (NGO's, etc.) with information on the status. I can get the demographics from the World Bank or other sources but would like to paint a more realistic picture of the situation. Might you have some suggestions of some agencies which I could contact to find out the situation? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You, Nichole, University of Pittsburgh

For your research on Venezuela, I suggest that you contact the following women's organizations based in Venezuela:

1.) Asociacion Venezolana De Mujeres, Avenida Presidente Medina, con Maria, Teresa Toro Las Acacias, Caracas, Venezuela, #2-612955

This group "works to improve the social, economic and health status of women in Venezuela.

2.) The Bad Life, Edificio la Colina, Calle la Colina, Apartado 24, Las Acacias, Caracas 104, Venezuela, #2-618769
This group draws attention to women's disadvantaged position in Venezuelan society.

3.) Coordinadora De ORganizaciones No Gubernamentales De Mujeres, Apartado 4491 , Caracas 1010-A, Venezuela, #2-4627014
Works to improve women's standard of living; increase public awareness of women's issues.

3.) Federacion Venezolana De Abrogadas Todos Junitas, Apartado 4240, San Jose del Avila, Caracas 1010-A, Venezuela.

4.) Red De Apoyo de Organizaciones Populares De Mujeres, Apartado Postal, 443San Jose del Avila, Caracas 1010-A, Venezuela
#2-2853385; fax #2-4516596.

I hope these suggestions help. Good luck with your work and thank you for having the forsight to know better than to trust only government statistics.


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