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Dear Sisters, We are seeking a support group for a young woman from Sierra Leone whose family has ostracized her for refusing to undergo FGM. She has also been sexually abused by an uncle, however, the consequences of going against the social and cultural mores of her people seem to be causing her greater distress than the sexual abuse that she survived. Please advise whether there is a support group in New York City that focuses on FGM. Thanks for your help. Hajja

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM and for being a so supportive of this young woman. I personally don't know of any support groups, but you should contact Equality Now (visit their web site or their NY office # is 212-586-0906). They have done extensive work on the issue of FGM and surely know of some place for her. You also might want to contact the Female Genital Mutilation Research Homepage. I'm told this is a great resource.

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