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I entered to the (Zanaan) mailing list which is an Iranian women's mailing list. About 80 brilliant, intelligent, compassionate ladies talk and share ideas through this alias. We are discussing how we can organize against the last law segregating women and men in Iran not only in health care but also in the media. I'd really love to know if there are any resources for us to show our protest to the international community.

Feminist.com/b> is attempting to help the women in Iran, by posting an alert about the latest actions. This information came to us from the Sisterhood is Global Foundation. I suggest that you contact them to help with your efforts. Also you might want to contact the U.S. Department of State. Theresa Loar is the director of their women's division--and she is very active on women's issues around the world. She travels to countries, such as Iran, in an attempt to get them to value women as equal citizens.


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