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Good afternoon, my name is Sashenee, I have a question I was wondering if you could help me out with.

Is there a place for feminist theories in international relations? If so, what "feminist debates" need to be emphasized and why? Thank you, for your help.

Feminism is a global movement, which is confronting global problems that face women, therefore, there is plenty of room for feminism in international relations or more accurately, feminism is very present in international relations.

Basically the issues that women confront are consistent around the world - access to education, family planning, health care, work related issues, representation, violence, etc.... However, what varies is how given issues are prioritized. Recently much of this international lens on feminism has been focused around the Beijing + 5 meetings, which will happen in New York City in June, and which grew out of the 1995 U.N. Conference on Women in Beijing. There, most countries around the world agreed on a Platform for Action - which had twelve critical issues of concern. Different countries have implemented or are supposed to implement policies to address this concern.

To learn more about these efforts you should try contacting the following organizations, all of whom work on women's issues internationally: Global Fund for Women, Women's International Tribune Center, The Center for Women's Global Leadership, Equality Now, Sisterhood is Global Institute.

Good luck - and I hope this information helps.


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