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Hi: I am a research assistant in Management Department of Middle East Technical University (METU) of Turkey. As an elective course, I take Women in Management. As a requirement of the course, I have to interview a woman manager and her employees. I believe that talking to a feminist manager will be more useful than talking to a woman manager who is blind to woman notion in organizations. That is why I need your help. If you are aware of any feminist manager in Turkey and/or if you know some women who can help me, I will be more than glad if you give my address to them or if you give me their address. Let me mention that the deadline for the project is January 10th. Happy New Year - Ugur

You make a great point in your question--that not all women managers are necessarily feminist managers. I see this all the time in politics--not all female politicians are feminist politicians.

In terms of feminist managers in Turkey--I'm not familiar with any. I have a list of feminist organizations in Turkey and would be happy to send this list to you in the hopes that within their already existing networks they know of feminist managers. Please send me a fax number if you have one--otherwise, I will put it in the mail.

There is also a group based in the U.S. called the Network of East West Women. As the name implies, this group links up women from the east and the west--they may also have suggestions: Network of East West Women,1601 Connecticut Ave., NW - Suite 302, Washington, DC 20009; Tel: 202-265-3585 Fax: 202-265-3508 Email: [email protected]


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