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We know there has been a judgment of an European Community institution (we do not know exactly which institution) which declared anticonstitutional the positive actions referred to women in politics. We need urgently that judgment, can you send it to us? We will be really thankful if we can obtain it before January 10. We must go to the CEDAW meeting and we want to point what we think about the quotas and its constitutional agreement, taking in consideration what happened in our country with positive actions and the Constitution amendment. Thank you very much. We remain waiting for your news. Kindest Regards and Happy New Year. - Zita, Buenos Aires- Argentina

Thanks for your note and I apologize for responding so close to your deadline. Unfortunately, I don't know what "judgement" you are refering to. Most of my work is U.S. based, so that doesn't surprise me. However, I do suggest that you contact WEDO (Women's Environment and Development Organization). They are a U.S. based organization that is very involved in International Women's Organizations. This organization was founded by Bella Abzug. To contact them: WEDO, 355 Lexington Avenue, 3rd Floor, New York, New York 10017; Ph: #212-973-0325; Fax: #212-973-0335.


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