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I am trying to find resources (books, articles, contact addresses, etc.) to write my dissertation at the London School of Economics in England. I have chosen to explore the links between neoliberal economic policies in Latin America and their effect on women. Moreover, I want to compare these policies to 'machismo' and demonstrate that they are linked together because both are exclusionary of women. Do you think that you could point me in the right direction? I would appreciate any info. you can provide. Thank you very much, L.

Thanks for your note and as for your question I am not very well versed in anything "neoliberal" let alone "neoliberal economic policies", but I do suggest that you contact:

  1. Madre, which has done extensive work in Latin America on women's issues--(121 West 27th Street, Room 301; New York, New York 10001)--so that may be a place to start.
  2. 2.) There is also the Feminist Majority Foundation, which has done a lot of work on redoing the U.S. budget to reflect feminist values. They may know of a Latin American equivalent.

Good luck and thanks for thinking of FEMINIST.COM.


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