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Of course there is a lot to say about how men behave to their wives, but I can assure you that you can not make up an conclusion only from things you hear around. I have seen and heard terrible things here in Crete, but nobody dares to talk about them. Most people here, believe that even if these things belong to the past (middle age or something), they can be very natural for a small island's society. Have you ever made an "investigation" about those matters in countries like Greece? Regards, Lefteris

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM and I'm not sure if I'm understanding your note. I suggest that you contact women's organizations in Greece for more information about Crete:

  1. League for Women's Rights
    41 Solonos St.
    GR-106 72 Athens, Greece
    PH: 1-3616236
    FX: 1-3616236

  2. Women's Panhellenic Organization
    26 Vas. Koustautinou St.
    GR-116 35 Athens, Greece
    PH: 1-7234543 or 1-8017380
    FX: 1-7214459

  3. Federation of Greek Women
    120 Hippocratous Str.
    GR-114 72 Athens, Greece
    PH: 1-8027222

I hope the above helps with your inquiry.



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