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I am an undergraduate student completing my senior capstone project on women in Africa. In particular, I am interested in locating writings on African feminism and women's movements. Much of the available information concentrates on issues of female genital mutilation and other forms of physical and mental abuse, often researched and written by American women. However, I have had difficulty finding scholarly articles on African feminist ideology and practice from any perspective, African or Western. I would greatly appreciate any insights you might have into this topic or bibliographic information on relevant publications. Thanks!

As you can imagine much of the writing that has come out of Africa about the women's movement has been about female genital mutilation. These books include: Efua Dorkenoos Cutting The Rose; a few books by Hanny Lightfoot Klein; Alice Walker's Warrior Marks. Beyond this topic a few general books include:

--Lives of Courage: Women For A New South Africa" by Diana H. Russell.
--African Women: South of the Sahara edited by Margaret Jean Hay and Sharon Stichter.
--African Women: Three Generations by Mark Mathabane.

I would also recommend that you check out the African American Review which has great essays by/about/for African women and African American women. (African American Review: Dept.of English, Indiana State University; Terre Haute, IN 47809; 812-237-3169.)


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