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Hello !

I'm a Political Marketing Advisor operating to strengthen democracy in DRC, Democratic Republic of CONGO, in Africa. The goal I'm search for is to help women leaders to integrate political life and being actives in major political events and topics.

This can be possible only if African women accept to be trained to political events and topics. That's why my office " BARAKA ETUDES " wrote down a program which interest women leaders to be formed, explained and sustained in African political area. If this program can be an opportunity to exchange experiences with you, I will be honored to send you the main ideas of this program.



Thanks for sharing information about your work, which does sound like a good model and one that could be/should be replicated in the US. Our group isn't the right match -- but you should try The National Women's Political Caucus, the Women's Campaign Fund, EMILY's List, The Yale Campaign School, The White House Project and other groups whose priority is women in politics -- thanks for sharing -- and good luck with your work.

- Amy



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