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Hi Amy,

It seems that feminists were rightly very interested in supporting the over throw of the Taliban regime and their terribly oppressive rule, particularly against women. What is your sense of why feminists have been either silent or against our efforts to over throw the Iraqi regime and their terribly oppresive rule, particularly against women? Thanks in advance for any reply!




Dear Rick,

I think we have had two entirely different experiences. I have seen feminists no less vocal opposing Iraq's regime than they were the Taliban's and in both instances, feminists were doing so long the American Government took an interest.

However, though feminists have been outspoken on both issues, they aren't the same issue -- in Afganistan women were being denied basic human rights -- education, health care, food, etc... In Iraq it is a secular state and women, especially elite women, weren't treated much differently than Iraqi men -- the situation for everyone was bleak, but not dire. And in both instances, I would say that the majority of feminists opposed military intervention.

If you look at the many protest marches, many have been organized by feminists themselves.

-- Amy

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